Production, propagation

and perception 

MoBi welcomes its 21/22 cohort! 


Bioacoustics, the science of animal sounds, is a booming scientific field, with very strong academic and applied career potential. As bioacoustics become used in a wider range of fields, new sub-disciplines are regularly emerging (e.g. eco-acoustics, animal / machine interactions, freshwater acoustics, welfare acoustics etc.) leading to a steady diversification in academic and applied job profiles, supported by positions and funding.

The International Master of Bioacoustics (MoBi), a unique one year international and excellence training programme entirely taught in English, welcomes French and international students from diverse academic backgrounds: acoustics, ethology, ecology, biological conservation, evolution, neuroscience, informatics...

The aim of the MoBi program is to provide thorough knowledge and skills for students aspiring to access doctoral training in bioacoustics-related fields, as well as for scientists (e.g. neuroscientists, conservationists, etc) or environmental consultants aiming to incorporate bioacoustics in their skillset.

Organised by David Reby and Nicolas Mathevon of the ENES lab, it is a highly competitive international graduate course (max 20 students). It is structured according to the European Credit Transfer System with 60 credits over two semesters of full-time studies. It will be taught on site at the University of St Etienne in France.

MoBi corresponds to a second year in the French master curriculum (master 2 - M2). It is currently a pathway (parcours) of the Master of Ethology of the university of Saint-Etienne. It will become a pathway (parcours) of the International Master of Acoustics of the university of Lyon in sept. 2022. However, it is not necessary to have followed the M1 of the Master of Ethology or the M1 of the international master of Acoustics to apply.


MoBi leads to the award of the French national master's degree in Ethology (bioacoustics pathway) as well as the University Diploma in Advanced Bioacoustics of the University Jean Monnet.


MoBi is opened to:

- French students with a science master's degree (minimum M1 or equivalent)

- International students with minimum BSc degree (180 ECTS)

All with eligible qualifications are welcome to apply (if in doubt, please contact us)!

If you are not eligible, looking for a shorter training opportunity in Bioacoustics, or simply interested in a 'taster session" before joining the Master, you may consider the Bioacoustics Winter School, a highly popular University Diploma organised over two weeks each January by the ENES team.

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