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Extended Project (6 months internship)

Six months research project, scheduled between January and August (24 ECTS)


The extended project, on a bioacoustics topic, will be completed during a 6-month placement in a research laboratory (Scientific research lab, research agency or industrial partner) between January and August. Students will be involved in the design, implementation of a scientific project and prepare the publication of its results (regardless of outcome/significance).



This module will be assessed by a dissertation that will have to be written and formatted as a Proceedings B article, as well as a 20 minutes presentation. There will be two submission deadlines: June 15th (June session) and August 30th (September session).

June session (dates to be confirmed):

Submission June 15th ->  Marks released by June 30th


September session:

Submission August 30th -> Marks released by September 15th


Learning outcomes


By the end of the module, a successful student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to contribute to the design and to conduct a substantial experimental study in the field of Bioacoustics.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to analyse the data from a substantial experimental study in the field of Bioacoustics. 

  3. Demonstrate the ability to report and illustrate the outcome of a substantial experimental study in scientific format. 





Weeks 13 and 14: open-door sessions.

Spring & Summer terms: individual progress monitoring sessions (open door or visio).

Summer term: Feedback and assessment sessions.



David Reby, Nicolas Mathevon, Frédéric Sèbe

How can you find a lab for your placement? A good place to start is the (non exhaustive, but very useful) list of institutions that conduct research in bioacoustics compiled by the International Bioacoustics Society (IBAC).

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