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Empirical project

The aim of this module is to involve pairs of students in the design and implementation of light, “taster” empirical projects in an area of bioacoustics (and using the tools) introduced during the modules. You will have to prepare the publication of the project results (regardless of outcome/significance), as well as a give an oral presentation at the end of the semester. You will work on a project predefined by DR, NM and FS (project tutors). These projects will be directly linked to ongoing research conducted by ENES postdocs or PhD students who. will be your primary supervisors.



Short publication, format Biology Letters + group presentation (powerpoint), 10 slides (5 /student), 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions. 


instructions for a Research Article in Biology Letters can be found here:


and authors guidelines for Royal Society Journals are here:


We encourage you to look at Biology Letters' paper to get an idea of the required format.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, a successful student should be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to design a simple experimental study related to Bioacoustics. 

2. Demonstrate the ability to conduct a simple experimental study related to Bioacoustics as part of a group.

3. Demonstrate the ability to report and illustrate the outcome of a simple experimental study in scientific format. 


2024 Schedule.

Week 1 (9th September): project choices

Weeks 2-6 and 9-12: weekly open-door sessions

Week 13 (2nd December): Project finalisation: open door week (by appointment)

Monday 2pm: Lecture on how to write and format an article for submission, the submission and review processes, acceptance, proofing and dissemination. Based on the instructions for Biology Letters and Proceedings B.

Other days: open door. 

Week 14 (9th & 10th December): Project assessment - Group Presentations




David Reby, Nicolas Mathevon, Frédéric Sèbe


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